Our traditionally constructed frames are made from European beech, sourced from sustainably managed forests. Frames are handcrafted for maximum strength and, to enable the suites to be used in all but the most challenging environments, all sofas and armchairs have solid bases in the seats.

Backs and sides have a heavy duty PVC barrier underneath the upholstery fabric to provide added protection to these vulnerable areas.

Link Design suites are upholstered in a totally unique way. The area of the seat underneath the seat cushions has no gaps down the sides for liquid or dirt to become trapped in. The whole seating area can simply and effectively be washed down and then disinfected if necessary. Covers are permanently fitted and NOT removed for cleaning.

Detail of waterproof sofa


Seat base of fixed back style suites with seat cushions removed.
(Ashton style with hoist compatible legs in a Mahogany finish).
Details of moisture resistant armchair


Seat base of suites with separate back cushions. Seat and back cushions removed. (Tenbury style). 


A high resiliency, quality foam is used in all seat cushions. This helps to maintain a good sitting posture, whilst ensuring that the seats, which may be used for regular, lengthy periods, preserve their comfort and good looks.

Back cushions, where fitted, are filled with a quality hollow fibre and scatter cushions are available in a choice of hollow fibre or foam.


When cleaned in accordance with the manufacturers instructions, Microcare and the "leather-effect" Vinyls are 100% waterproof. However, when 2 pieces of fabric are joined together by means of a stitched seam, small holes are made for the thread to pass through.

Although we make every effort to seal the seams from the inside with an adhesive, the seams are not 100% waterproof.

If users wet a seat cushion and remain seated on it, there is a possibility that urine will seep through the seams and onto an additional waterproof fabric that protects the foam. This additional fabric can then be wiped clean. The Microcare or Vinyl covers would then need to be carefully washed on the inside

Detail of sofa seat cushion made from waterproof fabric.
Detail of incontinence sofa seat cushion showing wrap round style.

If incontinence is a major issue, we recommend a "wrap-round" (shown on right) style seat cushion. This has fewer seams than the standard "box style" (shown on left) with piping.


Urine proof sofa shown with individual cushions.
Moisture proof sofa with continuous seat cushions.

Sofas may have either long, continuous seat cushions (shown on left), or conventional, individual ones (shown on right). Continuous cushions may be of benefit for cleaning purposes or if cushion removal/throwing is a problem.


Microcare is a high-tech upholstery fabric based on a unique combination of a microfibre, easily cleaned (Teflon coated) suede fabric, and a new type of environmentally friendly, polyurethane coating.

Microcare characteristics:

  • New, brushed suede effect
  • Soft, supple and comfortable
  • Water and urine proof
  • Simple cleaning instructions
  • Fire resistant to BS 5852, 1 & 2 ignition source 5, EN 1021-1+2
  • EN1021 1 & 2 DIN4102 B1 UNI9175/FA1:1M
  • Hardwearing (excess of 70,000 rubs)
  • Non sticky because of its unique air flow coating system
  • Anti-microbial, anti-fungal

...and now with NANO SILVER, the ultimate breakthrough in anti-bacterial treatment.

NANO SILVER particles which are engineered into the fabric restrict the growth of MRSA and other bacteria. The unique release mechanism ensures the effectiveness of the silver throughout the lifetime of the Microcare fabric.

Microcare and the "leather-effect" Vinyls are available in a choice of many beautiful colours and patterns. 


To facilitate their use with a mechanical hoist, all styles of suite are available with beech legs. The legs give an under clearance of 5½" which is sufficient for most types of hoist.

Hoist compatible and waterproof  3 seater sofa.


A Milton style 3 seater sofa with a single, continuous seat cushion and beech legs. The sofa is upholstered in Cobalt Blue Microcare.